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Venezia: Land of Love

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So, I figured that I better upload the videos here, cause the pictures were already posted in my facebook profile (I'll try upload the videos soon. it keeps crashing don't know why)

Famous landmarks

Let's recall some sweet memories in Venice, Italy.

Milano Centrale
Jan 5, 2012 - 12:05PM
Venezia Mestre
Jan 5, 2012 - 2:28PM
Class of Service:
Economy (Seat)

First day at Hotel Ariston:
Hotel ni ada Internet. So banyak syok laaa. Tapi it is not free, though. It costs us like 5euro kot for two nights. Oklah, we thought that it was worth the money, so voila, adalah internet connection. Jadinya, bila dapat internet, perangai biasa muncul la, malas nak keluar jalan-jalan and stuff. Eventhough kami sampai awal kat hotel, around 3-pm, tapi sebab nya 'tragedi' di Milan tu, and also memang rasa restless sangat-sangat, we all decided to stay at the hotel for that night. Nasib baik makanan dah beli. Good plan!

Second day,
Malam tu dah rest puas-puas, so that morning, after complimentary breakfast (YAY INCLUDED) kami pun gerak pegi Venezia. Actually, kitorang macam salah book hotel, sebab it is better to stay at the island, so nak sight-seeing senang. Because from Mestre (our hotel's place) to Venezia (the island, tourist spot) took us about 15-30 minutes kot by bus. But whatever it is, dah sampai pun and travel takla menyusahkan or whatsoever.

macam pasar malam lah ni actually

We bought the day pass that cost around 16 euro for both bus an water-bus. Nampak macam mahal, tapi memang senang and puas hati. Travel kat Venice ni mostly atas air, so waterbus was a great choice. Antara attraction yang dah di-list kan by our travel agent Mr. Zaim are:

  • St. Marks Basilica, Piazza San Marco, Doges Palace, Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge& Market, Arsenal.
We managed to go almost all kot, tapi dalam list ni ada miss satu tempat yang tersangatlah best, which is Murano Island. Kat situ ada glass-making souvenir yang famous. So memang our first stop pegi Murano Island, shopinng sikit (sikit je ok :P) and then inilah masanya nak taste Italian food. Sebab esoknya dah nak pegi Barcelona pulak, so ini last chance ni!!

After survey-survey, last-last dapat jugak jumpa satu cafe yang offer 3-course-meals for 18 euro kot. Tak sure la the exact harga. Actually ada kawan dah pesan cuba cari yang 15 euro, tapi memang tak jumpa lah pulak. The meals was fabulous!! Ada pasta, then fried seafood, and lastly fries. Kami tambah lagi satu dessert which costs around 4 euro. Mahal kot, tapi sebab sedap punya pasal Gelato kat situ, sanggup ni. Ala sekali-sekala kan :)


So, dah makan, dah shopping, memang puas hati. Sweet memories in Venice memang tak dapat nak lupa lah. If given the chance, I would really love to visit Venice again, but maybe this time with family and the love ones. Dah kata kota romantika :P hehe 




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