Thursday, July 29, 2010

pre-departure briefing

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So, ok...last wed da settle hal-hal pre-departure briefing. And as most of us dah tahu, kemungkinan besar student ke toronto ada dua trip, which is on the 27aug and also 4sept. Insya Allah, saya dlm group yang 4sept. Satu kebaikan, dpt puasa lame sikit kat Msia, tp keTAKbaikan nye ialah dah nak dekat ngan raya. huhu sob sob. Long story short, memang banyak info kami dapat dan rasa excited la pulak. And of course, yang paling best sebab dapat jumpa balik ngan semua kawan-kawan CPU.

Tapi, maybe ada yang berkata: "Kenapa nak balik awal sangat? Lepak lah dulu dgn kawan-kawan"

I'm so sorry guys, sebab for me, this is time I spend my time with my beloved family. Only one month or less till I leave them and further my study abroad. JADI, memang nak balik awal dan beli barang barang semua kat sini je.  Actually, kat sini pun banyak jugak barang boleh dibeli and plus price is negotiable+affordable lagi.

Jadi, that is the reason why I left KL so early and I hope I will meet u guys in Canada. Dont Worry Guys~

ps: nak cepat sangat sampai tak sempat nak salam ngan semua org.....esp KORANG!!!

One my finalised timetable for fall-winter...

Friday, July 23, 2010

my schedule...[still planning]

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this is my first option

this is my second option

this is my third option

and, this is my fourth option. 

and, i guess the last one is the best for me, so far. just hoping that the class is not full during the course selection time...
oh, it will be heaven for me...just three days of classes....means 4 days of holidays...hehe

semoga urusan dipermudahkan..amiinn...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

who can tell me the answer?

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how can the pipe is floating in the air?
hint: the picture is 100% not photoshopped...

10 most exotic fruits

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10 Most Exotic Fruits

Published on 7/18/2010 under Science - by Gracie Murano - 60,107 views 

 Squared Watermelon

For years consumers have struggled to fit the large round fruit in theirrefrigerators. And then there was the problem of trying to cut the fruit when it kept rolling around. But 20 years ago a forward-thinking farmer on Japan's south-western island of Shikoku solved the problem. The farmer, from Zentsuji, in Kagawa prefecture, came up with the idea of making a cube-shaped watermelon which could easily be packed and stored. To make it happen, farmers grew the melons in glass boxes and the fruit then naturally assumed the same shape. Today the cuboid watermelons are hand-picked and shipped all over Japan. But the fruit, on sale in a selection of department stores and upmarket supermarkets, appeals mainly to the wealthy and fashion-conscious of Tokyo and Osaka, Japan's two major cities. Each melon sells for 10,000 yen, equivalent to about $83. It is almost double, or even triple than of a normal watermelon. (Link | Photo)


The pomegranate is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and was cultivated and naturalized over the whole Mediterranean region since ancient times. The LA Times recently labelled pomegranate as ‘one of the most trendiest and versatile fruit on the market', and it could be good for you (another fruit sold for its ‘medical values'). Packed with antioxidants, pomegranate juice is now on the red carpet, and even the stars at the Oscars drink the dark red liquid. (Link)

 Dragon fruit

A pitaya is the fruit of several cactus species, most importantly of the genus Hylocereus (sweet pitayas). These fruit are commonly known as dragon fruit. The fruit can weigh from 150 to 600 grams. To prepare a pitaya for consumption, the fruit is cut open to expose the flesh. The fruit's texture is sometimes likened to that of the kiwifruit due to the presence of black crunchy seeds. The flesh, which is eaten raw, is mildly sweet and low in calories; dragon fruit should not be used to accompany strong-tasting food – except to "clean the palate" between dishes. The seeds are eaten together with the flesh, but they are indigestible unless chewed. The fruit is also converted into juice or wine, or used to flavour other beverages. Theflowers can be eaten or steeped as tea. (Link)


The horned melon (Cucumis metuliferus), also called African horned cucumber or kiwano, is an annual vine in the cucumber and melon family. Often known by its nickname in the southeastern United States - blowfish fruit - it is grown for its fruit, which looks like an oval melon with horn-like spines. The fruit of this plant is edible, but it is used as often for decoration as for food. When ripe, it has a yellow-orange skin and a lime green jelly-like flesh. The horned melon is native to Africa, and it is now grown in California, Chile, Australia and New Zealand as well. (Link | Photo 1 | Photo 2)

 Star fruit

The star fruit or carambola is a tropical fruit that is gaining popularity in the United States. This fruit acquired its name from the five pointed star shape when cut across the middle of the fruit. It has a waxy, golden yellow to green color skin with a complicated flavor combination that includes plums,pineapples, and lemons. (Link)


This is the strangest looking fruit ever. Rambutan in Malay, Indonesian, and Filipino literally means hairy, caused by the 'hair' that covers this fruit. On the outside it's magenta with green hairy legs all over it. From the outside you'd have no idea what to expect on the inside. Inside it's similar to a lychee fruit. It looks sort of clear and gummy. It's very watery and has a huge seed in the center. It tastes pretty decent, but it's the look of the ramputan that puts it in the top ten. (Link | Photo)


Ackee is Jamaica's national fruit. The fruit was imported to Jamaica from West Africa (probably on a slave ship) before 1778. Since then it has become a major feature of various Caribbean cuisines, and is also cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas elsewhere around the world. The fruit of the ackee is not edible in its entirety. Only the inner, fleshy yellow arils are consumed. It is extremely poisonous in the very center if you eat the red bits. (Link 1 | Link 2)


Called ‘mangkut', these are the ‘queen of Thai fruits' with their elegant, segmented white–flesh inside a thick large purple peel. They grow in the South and the season lasts just a few months of the year, mainly from May to September. If you are here in Thailand at that time be sure to enjoy this delicious and luxurious sweet fruit. (Link)

 Buddha's Hand

Ever heard of a Fingered Citron? How about a Buddha's Hand? It's a weird -looking citrus that has green or rich yellow tapering fingers or segments attached to a base – the appearance is not unlike a curled, arthritic hand, only there are usually many more than 5 fingers! But what on earth do you do with a Buddha's Hand? Do you eat it? Well, yes, and no. Its thick, lemony rind and pith (the white part) is often candied into a delicious citrus delicacy, infused with spirits or made into liqueurs. However, the small amount of inside flesh is quite sour and rarely used in food. The Buddha's Hand and other members of the Citron family are also prized for their aromatic citrus oils and used in perfumes and sometimes kept in homes as a natural airdeodorizer.


You can count on finding the Urucu plant (Bixa orellana) around every rural household in the Amazon. Achiote (Bixa orellana) is a shrub or small tree from the tropical region of the Americas. It is cultivated there and in Southeast Asia, where it was introduced by the Spanish in the 17th century. It is best known as the source of the natural pigment annatto, produced from the fruit. (Link 1 | Link 2 | Photo)

ps: out of 10 fruits listed above, Malaysian have 4 of them and we proud of them...hehe...

go Dragon fruit, go Rambutan, go Manggis, go Belimbing.

pps: i wonder why Durian is not included. Myb they dont recognised the smelly, 
thorny fruit as a "Fruit" eh...DURIAN IS THE KING OF ALL FRUIT OK...

ermmmm...durian kuning sedaaaaappp...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


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just a situation to think of......

apa korang buat if malam-malam mama and ayah korang online internet, and korang and adik terpaksa tgk tv je....hahahahaha

nilah jadinya bila mama and ayah pun ber-facebook.....


by the way, luve mama, ayah and adik forever~

Thursday, July 8, 2010


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ok-lah..atas permintaan adeq-ku yg tersayang.....nah...kaklong update blog...ok tak???

ok ok.....tak tau nak cite pe...ermmmm

selama lebey 2 minggu duk kat rumah, takde pape pon yg menarik nak update...just mcm2 hal jpa yg x settle lg....firstly, ada 2 medical check up nak dibuat, but satu pon lom settle...yg jpa nye, isnin dpn baru nk g wat, and insya allah by 22nd nnt siap la....yg visa lak, myb 17 hb nnt br nk g KL wat...sbb doc kat ipoh on leave lak sampai 21 july...jadi, sementara tu...mmg xde pape la nak wat...hehe

by the way, baru je habis bace satu novel best....tajuknye ialah.....






best kan? kan? kan???


mmg terus teringat kat zaman sekolah pas bace novel ni..da la ada satu cikgu name Zaleha...teringat lak Cg. Leha kat sekolah tu..hihihi


i hav nothing more to write...


gambar ni mmg menghantui la...ish ish ish~



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