Monday, October 21, 2013

Finding the silver lining

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Minggu ni sangat disaster. I was terribly tired and unhappy for the weekend, don't know why. Actually, I do know why but I'm keeping that to myself, for now. Sigh. Why do I keep blaming everything that happened to be my fault? Even though I'm well aware that it's not always the case. Penat lah macam gini. And boring jugak asyik kena salahkan diri sendiri.

And because of all of these distractions, tambah dengan cuaca asyik hujan je, finally my body can't have it anymore. Demam. Tak larat pegi kelas for Monday's classes. Dah lah dua dua kelas Anthro, seminar pulak tu. Haih, esok kena jumpa prof masa office hour and cakap one-on-one regarding research project. Harap harap dah sembuh sikit.

Rumah Zakkeyyah lawa gila. Jeles kbai.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


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Hari ini hujan mendung satu hari. And ada midterms worth of 30%. I think I screwed that up, very very badly. Nanges. Sedih. And nanges lagi. 

Need a break.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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Recently ada buat personality test, and it turns out i'm extrovert kinda person. Not that shocking sebab I do like the presence of people around me. What kinda struck me is that how hard it is to be an extroverted person, as we constantly need people to talk to, and sometimes we cannot find that person. And personally, i'm afraid that people might misunderstood my intention to constantly contact/talk to them as annoying behaviour. So I really really do hope that people will come clean and let me know if i'm bugging them or what not. 

Susah jugak suka bercerita, tapi telinga yang ada untuk mendengar tak sebanyak mana...

Anyhow, I'm very blessed to have housemates yg understanding, walaupun every single week ada guest. I guess i need that environment. Meghiah meghiah is really my thing :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving + Happy Raya

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Alhamdulillah for a festive week this last few days and one coming soon (tomorrow). Ate a LOT of halal turkey and many delicacies that satisfied my crave for food. Delicious scrumptious food. Say Alhamdulillah :)

Also, happy raya to everyone. To Munie cause I know you'll be reading this (sooner or later) hehe. May we all be showered with Allah blessings, Insya Allah :)

Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich at the Burgenator. Such a cool place!

Menchies for dessert. Always good :)

Gambar rendang lodeh lemang rendang will be posted in the next post iA. Till then...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Semalam punya cerita

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Tau tak semalam kita rasa best sangat? 

Ok tu je kbai...



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