Sunday, October 25, 2009

farah is not happy!!

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seriously..i am not happy
just dun ask why
but it is a very true statement

even they are my true friends
but..dunno why
it seems wrong to me
not trueeeee

dis is not fair
both of them are smart...pretty...lots of other friends
unlike me...lone..alone n lonely
maybe they don like to kawan me anymore
ye la
kte ni tak c----k
kte ni tak b--k
kte ni kan p-----t
bkn cam dorg

jus dun hurt me..wont u??

dia b****je dia
dia pon be***ja dia
kte ****nje dia dia
dia dia *e**nj* kte?

memang merapu je..dun worry much..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

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IS SOMETHING BOTHERING YOU???In conjunction with the Hear Us Out 3 Conference on November 7th 2009, we are having a photography contest. Simply capture a photo on an issue that bothers you, such as pollution, cleanliness, vandalism......or you can submit a photo that depicts a global issue such as poverty, healthcare or education etc.Closing date is on October 30th 2009. You can submit more than one entry. Entry per photo is RM15 and RM25 for two photos. Entries must be submitted to Student Central, Taylor's University College Main Campus. Terms and conditions apply.



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