Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tourist di Toronto Part #2

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Sekali lagi berlagak gaya pelancong di bandar Toronto. Kali ni bertemankan senior-senior yang bakal graduate, kami memulakan perjalanan di Salad King. Nak meneroka city haruslah perut kenyang kan.

Then otw nak ke AGO, nampak pulak sale kat Forever21. Masuk sat, tapi berjaya tahan diri dari shopping. Syabas Farah, syabas!

Sekail tup tup nampak ada Malaysian Famous Food kat Dundas Square. WOW! Excited jap. Pegilah tengok-tengok jap, rupanya Murtabak. Macam best, tapi perut tak mampu menerima makanan dah. Malagnyaaaa.

Highlights of the day,

Last but not least, shopping makanan sikit kat China Town and then diakhiri dengan Little Italy's Ice Cream with waffle.

Another happy day :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Little Toronto Adventure

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Yesterday was fun. Nak merasa jadik tourist kat Toronto city ni ha. So, bila ada kengkawan nak datang melawat, bolehlah kita bawak jalan-jalan. If not, terperuk je kat rumah and while doing literally nothing. Makan, tido, bangun tido, makan lagi. Study? Naaaah, if not in the mood tak jalan lah all those reading tu, *Naughty Farah*

So we were heading to Casa Loma, when the group decided to change direction and continue to Little Italy first. Then, after Little Italy, it's time to experience some Korean culture, so we took the subway and went to Korean Town. On the way home for solat and refreshing ourselves, we stopped at Madras Masala for their tasty Chicken Biriyani. What can be more interesting?

Casa Loma? Oh maybe next time! Teeheee~

Oh yeah!
IKEA. Definitely worth going and to feel like we owned everything. Sad, but true. With crazy four of us, we spent the last 3 hours before it's closing hours and debating among ourselves whether should we buy this, should we grab that and so on. 

Aaaaand the best part of all, to end our little adventure, we had decided to come back to Korean Town that night and sing some songs. It's karaoke time. What not to like about singing and headbanging, dancing with your girl friends, and trying to forget that you have tons of homework/assignment/tests waiting for you? *That we had to get back to all the school's stuff soon :-(*

Above all that, it's absolutely  a great day!!

Here's some pictures:

Gelato. ALMOST similar to what we had in Italy. Great flavours available.

There were so many cute stores in Korean Town!!

Zakkeyyah was really really excited, as if she wanted to bring home the whole IKEA.

Adventure buddy

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Course

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Rinduuu nak update, tapi busy memanjang. Tapi busy busy pun sempat lagi catch up all tv shows tau. Btw, summer course dah start, and so far I'm having fun! Jumpa kawan baru, belajar benda yang I really minat, and above all, the weather was sooo sooo nice so far.

Jadik, here is my Summer Timetable.

As you probably can see, 4 days a week ada kelas French. Two slots each for tutorials and lectures. Best! Suka sangat dapat belajar new language, and dengan ada basic phonetics sikit, learning French becomes much easier. So far so good, and I'm surprising myself bila suddenly I got the confidence to participate in class/lecture. Before this nak bercakap pun takut takut. Sebab tau ni foreign language, and almost all student pun sama je taraf, baru belajar basic, makes me have the confidence to volunteer and answer questions. Hopefully, by having these practices in French class, makes me wanna be more active in other classes as well lah kan, harap harap :D



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