Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Greatest Story Ever

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Harry Potter Forever

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yeay exam dah habis!!

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Finally, habis jugak final exams for this fall term. Eventhough ada dua je paper, tapi still berat sangat both subject, and both might affect my chosen programs which are Anthropology and Linguistic. I am so into Linguistic lately, sampai pernah terfikir nak change major, but naaaa, maybe not. Buat minor pun jadilah. And I am determined to take any Language courses, especially the one I have in my mind right now. FRENCH! Oh yeah!

These 5 days will be too hectic and packed for me. Only five days left till our vacation, and still tak pack barang apa pun. Baru print out tickets and stuffs just now, and realise that we could easily lost in town kalau takde map etc. Risau sangat :( Pastu tengok metro/subway station for each city memang complicated bagai. Kan senang macam Toronto, bentuk U then ada 2,3 je inter-change station.

Rasa memang unprepared la nak pegi berjalan-jalan jauh ni. Mentally and physically. Badan jadi letih semacam after exam period, sebab tak cukup rehat and quality sleeps. And worst, first time ever ada eye-bag!! Arghh tak suka. Nasib baik sehari je hilang. Pheww~

Whatever it is, lega yang finally dah start holiday. Alhamdulillah and may everything turns out well, insyaAllah :)



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What's your mind?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

How the word "blog" formed?

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I am studying for my Linguistic midterms, and then I came across an interesting process called 'clipping'. It is a process that shortens a polysyllabic word by deleting one or more syllables. Complicated huh? Okay, here are some examples: prof for professor, burger for hamburger, psych for psychology and many more.

So, recent clip that people's recognized and use widely is 'blog', from Web log - a personal website-based log of events, comments, and links. Once formed, blog quickly appeared in compounds (blog archive, blog-sphere) and also undergone conversion to a verb (as in 'things to blog about').

Also, the verb has undergone derivation, resulting in the noun blogger. No wonder that blog was voted as the new word most likely to succeed at the meeting of the American Dialect Society.

p/s: maybe blog in still not recognized as a word by itself cause the wavy-red underline still appears underneath blog. let's wait two, three years and then it should be acknowledged!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Y U NO Study?

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Today was a very nice day. But I had wasted almost half a day by trying to make myself awake and focus on studying for finals. Its too damn hard. So, I decided to find somewhere else to study, because apparently, my room was too comfy. The bed kept calling me and I fell for the "trap" quite easily. Solution, TIM'S HORTON. Not that I do not want to go to library, but for such a windy/cold weather, SF or other library seems too far away :/

Something happened in the lift though, when I was on my way down to Ground floor. It stopped at 7th floor, and suddenly two dogs with their owner almost come to me and they was barking LOUDLY. I was screaming *malu!* but I just said sorry to the owner. It's not that I don't like dogs, I'm scared actually. Even cats, oh so not my type. I'm not Animal Hugger, enuff said. After all, jantung gila berdebar tadi! I think I might have temporary phobia whenever a lift opens at any floor whenever I'm coming down :(

And, the great part was, I finished my target chapters for today (2 hours at Timmy). I'm proud of myself!

me - trying to focus heehee

if you bring your own mug, medium double-double only costs you 1.29$. GREAT HUH!

I studied WITCHCRAFT! Believe it or not :-P

Friday, December 9, 2011

That time of the year AGAIN

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That Time Of Year Again.......

Gila la bukak 9gag tak boleh stop gelak! Camne nak siapkan reading twelve chapters plus 1 whole research paper in a week? *die*

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December

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My personal tentative for the month:

Dec 2: Malaysian Night meeting
Dec 5: Assignment 7 LIN due
Dec 6: Essay ANT253 due and In-class test ANT253
Dec 7: Make-up Monday; LIN100 class & tutorial; last day of class
Dec 8 - Dec 15: My own "Reading Week"
Dec 16: ANT207 Final Exam
Dec 19: LIN100 Midterms
Dec 25: Guess what?! I'm going for two weeks vacation.....somewhere!
Jan 9: Vacation End - Class Start


Wish list:

  1. A backpack for the vacation
  2. Chinese cuisine or Nandos
  3. New perfume. 
  4. Clear, transparent umbrella.
But right now, I am craving for Chicken Shawarma (sandwich) like everyday. I'm so buying them later~~!




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