Saturday, July 18, 2009

banyaknye assignment....penat weyh!!!

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individuals and families : family scrapbook & quiz on monday
english 3U : The Lottery(read), essay & media assignment
world issues : political map quiz on monday & poster assignment
international law : presentation on john rawls


welcoming new comers~

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fasha and anhar


so, aku maleh nk tulih panjang2 arini. just some picca je with my frens... nk kenal yg mne g taw je la ok!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

naseb baik lar~

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actually ari ni ak ada my first presentation in law subjects, on JOHN RAWLS.....
but then, i am so nervous and cannot sleep well yesterday..
suddenly today, after my fourth period, i rushed to D8..


i'm so happy and feel really grateful
bkn nye x biasa wat presentation tp kat kolej ni suasana nye lain mcm la
totally using english as first language..not 2nd okay~!!!

so, rite now i'm in cafeteria and do some blogging as i still cannot access to wi-fi at my residence...
should be by 15th ada strong connection of wireless, but somehow our room still can't access to a strong signal of wireless...

p/s: i really wanna watch harry potter 6!!!! bz~bz~bz~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my life as the taylorian 09...

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mmg pnt gak college's life neyh..
ari2 ad assignment
belambak lak tuh
bukti nya...
tgk la gamba meja ak yg bsepah pada satu malam ni
time tuh mmg x terurus gle
suma subject ad hwork

Saturday, July 11, 2009

penat tapi best~

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so guys...i've already started my college's life this whole week... can u guys imagine, on my 2nd day in college i've already start my lesson and doing some assignments..for those who wondering what subjects i'm taking for the social science's course...i'll list down for u.........

8.00-9.15 : individuals and families in a diverse society
9.15-10.30 : english3U
10.30-11.45 : BREAK
11.45-13.00: canadian and world issues: a geographical analysis
13.00-14.15 : canadian and international law

i'll continue writing later

Friday, July 3, 2009

A~ W~ A~ Y~

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esok da nak pegi subang jaya
coz ahad ni register kat kolej
so...kawan2, klu ad sesiapa yg terbace post ni..
doakan kejayaan shaye yek~
pastu nk mintak maap if i've ever done any mistakes to all my fren...
forgive me n pray 4 our bright future...

. a . w . a . y .

thx 4 everything dear friends~



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