Friday, June 25, 2010

Kem Bina Negara Tanjung Rhu, Sepang

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penat, tapi seronok...buat masa ni, takde mood lagi nak post pasal pengalaman kat kem. 

Tapi, for this post just nak cakap something yg tak de kena mengena ngan tajuk post [kot?]:

"Aku sangat bingung and confuse nape "ko" macam ni? Dulu pun pernah jadik perkara yang lebih kurang sama, tapi kita dua dua tahu yang benda tu tak betul. Apsal ko ambik serius and takmo cakap ngan aku? Kita kawan, yang lain lain pun kawan kita gak. Tapi, ko macam taknak kawan aku. Aku buat salah pape ke kat ko? Maaf la kalau ada salah or silap yang aku tak tau, but honestly, tak salah kan kalau kita bertegur sapa?"

p/s: good luck wat suma Taylor's Graduate June 2010...selamat melangkah ke alam universiti pulak ye...
pp/s: Jangan lupe semua perlembagaan yg kita belajar kat kem...penting utk generasi warisan negara....haha

Sunday, June 20, 2010

kursus kenegaraan

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off to kem tanjung rhu, sepang

to be fun, or not to be fun??
thats the question~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

FRIENDS part#1

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Challenge and Change in Society Period 3

Hareen- Helpful and always make me laugh..thx bro--mcm orked--
Nabilah- Cheerful girl
Shailen- Smiley boy..hehe..he likes to smile all the time
Aaron- You have potential, keep it up
Ernest- OMG...will miss u a lot *durian puff* ahaks~
Ambhi- Dont ever depressed again, miss u~
Adeline- Oh my ADIK, thx 4 making my day fun everytime in CNC're so smart..go for ur dream!
Adrianna- Will miss to see ur beautiful dress everyday to class...keep smiling~
Yng- Friendly and beautiful girl...
Jawwad- Hey bro~ keep smiling and funny guy..
Tina- Good luck and keep in touch ya~
Khaleda- Glad to know of luck and friends forever...
Ms Shelley- click here
Melvin (not in picture)- Good presenter..I really love the way you present in class...
Masedenal (not in picture)- Hope you successful in life and future undertaking...
Benjamin (not in picture)- Hardworking and helpful...keep in touch alright~

Absolutely, certainly, totally, completely, definitely

till we meet again~

Friday, June 4, 2010

officially one phase is over

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3rd June 2010
a very special day as it was officially last day of school in Taylor's College, CPU program.
I was having so much fun
There are 3 parties, in all my class = ENG4U, B.LEADERSHIP, CNC
and i got headache because of too many junkfood~
basically, i really enjoyed my second semester in CPU as it was more fun and meeting new friends were the most interesting part of being a CPU-ians.

Specially for Mr. Michael Saxe:

You are such a great English teacher to me, not for only this semester, but I have you for both semesters...It's been a pleasure to be as one of your student. I know I'm not really good in essay writing, but you have taught me a lot. So sorry for everything and THANK YOU SIR~

Specially for Mr. Michel Delontville:

I have never regret to be in your course, even though I am quite worried during the first week in Business Leadership class. You are such an inspirational figure to me, and if i am given a chance to do an individual presentation again, I WILL DEFINITELY CHOOSE MR. D as my leader. Thank you very much for everything and I hope we will meet again sometime and I can listen to your inspirational speech that me and Anhar missed during our class party...:(

Specially for Ms. Shelley Smith-Dale:

Another inspirational teacher to me..:-)...I really appreciate all your lessons on presentation skills, creating a perfect power point, and also making posters. It is very helpful to my other class as well, and certainly in university. Love you soo much ms. shelley. Really really glad to have you as my teacher, and you have inspired me to take Sociology as my major in degree...Hope to meet you in Canada soon....thanks a lot~

your student = Farah Aziz


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

tomorrow @~@

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tomorrow is a party day

can't explain more

wait for the next post

see ya~

ps: i'm sad too...leaving cpu soon...miss u guys soooo the friendships that we build together



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