Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's coming to an end

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How I spent my reading week:

  • Friday, the 17th - We're having usrah at my house. Then, seniors from Missisauga came and sleepover here as all of us are leaving to Buffalo NY the next morning. It was a lovely evening spent together, watching HIMYM and Glee on the big screen projector (Kak Dot's) and at the same time panicking because I haven't packed anything yet. 
  • Saturday, the 18th - leaving to Buffalo NY early at 9am in the morning, managed to board all-together 8 of us in the same bus (after facing some difficulties...well life as a traveller). Lucky to have not encounter any problems at the US border's and the day went smoothly as plan. We all decided to rent a car (a big one) because the hotel was quite far from the outlets and Niagara falls. 
  • Sunday, the 19th - SHOPPING TIME. Spend quite a lot of money, but am satisfied. Also, I'm having a surprise birthday celebration at a pizza restaurant. Totally unexpected! Next, we're heading to Niagara falls, State's side and yeah, nothing much except for photoshoot and having good times with the ladies.
  • Monday, the 20th - Heading back to Toronto by bus. Leaving Buffalo at approx 2.30pm and safely arrived around 5.30pm. Again, we encounter no difficulties at the borders. Alhamdulillah. Am planning to have dinner at Slice of New York, but it was close because it was Family Day here in Canada. Frustrated, we went all from the Salad King, to a new Japanese restaurant, but lastly ended up having dinner at Thai Evergreen. Such a great dinner!
My platter: Seafood Combination
  • Tuesday, the 21st - Moi Birthday! Munie and Zakkeyyah was coming over to my home that morning. Had a wonderful celebration at Chinese restaurant for lunch, and then sushi for dinner. I'm crazy happy!! Thanks friends :)
  • Wednesday, the 22nd - The only day where I get to spent a lovely day at home. Study a bit. Hehe
  • Thursday, the 23rd - We were invited to come over Kak Afzan's house to make foods together. She cooks such tasty soto, and later we were making roti jala. Having much fun spending time with her son and the day went very fast.
  • Friday, the 24th - Wawa was bringong over some lovely cuppy cakes. I'm loving it! Next, MASAT Appreciation lunch party at Mechanical Building. Nice food, nice companies. Great day!!
  • Saturday, the 25th - It's today. Spent the day at home and tried to finish studying, so I can focus on the practice exercises for my midterms this coming Monday. Fail miserably :( Was having stomach-ache and am feeling not that great. 
  • Sunday, the 26th - Last day of the vacation. *May be*  updated soon. 

oh crap!




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