Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time Management

Posted by cutiefasha at 11:51 PM
I think I had poor time management this couple of weeks. So many assignments due, plus couples of midterms coming up...yet I feels like I don't have enough time in a day. Also, I've been so tired lately, that I used to take a nap after class (a looooong one I amust admit) almost every day. Bad me, I know. Because of that, I have lesser time to complete all my readings and assignments. So far I've been good in submitting assignments on time, but lately I fail miserably to do the readings for some class. Taking 6-courses are maybe tooo damn much!!

Next week's agenda

  • Mon: Linguistic HW5 due
  • Tues: Mastering Astronomy Assignment 6 due; Submit Response Paper ANT346 #2
  • Wed: NMC283 midterms
  • Thurs: Transcript due. I DONT EVEN HAVE A PARTICIPANT YET!! Panicccccc attackkkkkkk :/
  • Friday: Ahhhhh, at last!
pretty much sums up my upcoming week @___@




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