Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kisah PakCik Hotdog

Posted by cutiefasha at 3:25 PM

Here's some actual conversation I just had with an uncle who has a hotdog cart on campus. I just called him PakCik for no actual reason. Nevertheless, this quick chat had somehow makes me think a different situation for my potential future. Ermmm, maybe?

Me: one halal hotdog please

PakCik: yes yes I know you very well

Me: *laughing awkwardly*

PakCik: how’s study? Everything good ey

Me: Ok I guess. It’s my final year

PakCik: Great great. Aiming for nice job?

Me: Hopefully…but I’m going back to Malaysia

PakCik: Oh you like Malaysia more?

Me: Yes, of course. But I will miss Canada more

PakCik: Who knows you’ll get married and settle down here in the future…*laugh*

Me: Ahahaha yeah why not?

PakCik: I’ll look into the option if I were you *slightly winking*

Adoi laaaah Pak Cik…

But on a serious note, why not? Eheh




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