Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some updates

Posted by cutiefasha at 8:48 PM
Macam macam berlaku this last few days/weeks

1. NEW YORK: Twas fun. Like absolutely great amazing arhhhh. Tak dapat nak gambarkan how much excitement I had while on the trip. Jauh berjalan luas pemandangan kan. So, this proverb sangat sangat kenaaaa dengan the experience. Tambah tambah lagi belajar Canadian English this semester, so being able to hear the differences between New Yorker and Torontonians in their speech was very awakening. It even make me considering to change career to be a sociolinguists. Hah amek, siap jadi turning point you!

1.1 This was also my first experience to travel with different kind of people, and I thought I might not be enjoying myself as much, or tak boleh cope dengan new surrounding that easily, but Alhamdulillah eveything went well. VERY WELL indeed. Suka sangat sebab kitorang sekepala bila bab makan. Bab shopping jangan cakap, memang syiokk. Thanks Fatin and Nelisa sayangsss!!

2. MUNIE DATANG: This deserve it's special bullet point haha. Thanks Munie sanggup datang lagi week after week ke sini. I owe you big time! Tak tahu lah bila nak gi Guelph, maybe ada orang heret baru sampai kot :P

3. BDAY CELEBRATION: Twas fun also! Last minute punya plan selalunya jadi best. The food was great, mana sangka ada halal Thai food kat Toronto? Berbaloi tunggu lama almost half an hour just for the table. Kedai kecik sangat, they should expand soon. Maju betul! I'm glad we spent the time to celebrate them eventhough dalam such a crazy week. The ice-cream cake was worth it, walaupun a bit overwhelmingly-sweet. Sesuai lah ada orang tu suka sangat makan manis manis eheh. 




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