Thursday, December 13, 2012

One more paper and to holiday we go!

Posted by cutiefasha at 12:58 AM
Salam and hey to whoever reading this :)

Just finished two of my final exam paper, another one left to go. Having one week gap between my papers, make me procrastinate even more. Bad Farah, bad me. Ok, I know but hey, we deserve a break too. Anyhow, 11/12/12 has been a great day for me. Although I came for the test not fully ready (I think) but somehow I am quite happy and confidence writing the exam. I don't know. Just have a great feeling though. And when I'm finished, terserempak dgn my professor on the way out she said, ''Well done, ey!" and just that moment makes me feel good. Glad that I finally stick with taking 6 courses this whole semester, and another 6 courses for the next one.

Knowing me, in my first year I only did 4 credit, and in my second year I did 4.5 credit for entire 2 semesters. To able in taking 6 freaking subjects in 4 months is one achievement for me. Sure, my schedule seems empty, and not a lot of night classes, but my workload for each subject was like...pheww! Unbelievable, the amount of reading per week that I 'supposed' to do. Glad glad glad that another sem is done, one left, and then can't wait for Malaysia.

But that's a kinda long term plan. For now, I have approximately two weeks left till my big winter vacation with the housemates. I feel excited at first, but at the same time nervous too. Too many negative opinions were thrown out at us about the trips. But, to think about it, when we told people we're going to Europe last time, people were freaking out too and given us so many tips and info. Hope everything went well for this trip too, Insya Allah :)




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