Sunday, May 10, 2009

mood : seronok!

Posted by cutiefasha at 11:08 PM
ari sabtu after abeh ceramah pra L ak n family pon btolak ke Bangi...
nk g umah cik uncle
stay there 4 one night, pastu esoknye g lak puchong
umah auntie su
round2 KL (not exactly having fun...sesat dowh) and then visit my other uncle...cik nai
fortunately, cik nai br je smpi dari i've got some souvenir
dorang sume happy ak dpt offer jpa..and suruh pegi blaja oversea cpt2 so that they can come and visit me
so exciting
but...i dunno the country yet, and of coz kena wat preparation dlew for one or two years, bru leh fly kan....
anyway, sedey cket xdpt g uitm sme2 ngan ARifAH, bestest frens eva!
since kak pah had decided to accept the ''guru'' offer, she'll too will studying oversea in the program pelajar cemerlang.
mirah too said that nk jdk ckg gak... the next JENAB (spe igt lg?) mybe???
azizah will still studying kat uiam (BADAR-NEXT-TO-BE)
n fatin will strgt go to matrik, rsenye lah

and that's all the news about my best frens dat i noe for now

by da way, congrats to all seratasian batch 23 yg dpt twrn jpa sama ada overseas or local.




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