Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Awesome-est Housemates Ever

Posted by cutiefasha at 2:06 AM

Dear housemates,

I am deeply thankful for all the things we have been through, whether hard or easy, happy or sad, no matter what. The moment we met since Pre-U in Subang, i've know that we were meant to be good friends for each other. For what I've been doing, saying, or acting that may be hurtful or not pleasant, I sincerely hoping for apologies from both of you. Let's plan our vacation soon and hope that our years ahead be a wonderful joy. We shall colours or "dull" life as students so that we may strengthen our friendship forever and ever. May Allah bless our ukhuwah, too.

Thanks again, Anhar and Maryam :)

Farah Aziz

Gadis 901 ^^




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