Monday, June 1, 2009

love story..

Posted by cutiefasha at 11:29 PM
i've a story for my dear readers...

one day, LOVE and FRIEND go out together for a walk
suddenly, LOVE fall into a deep river.

Bcoz LOVE is blind...

Then, FRIEND quickly jump into the river to save LOVE...

Bcoz a good FRIEND will always be there for u
whenever, wherever and whatever we need them.
Therefore, FRIEND couldnt find LOVE.

Bcoz LOVE is too gentle , easy to lost whwn we didnt take care of it.
Finally, FRIEND give up and leave the LOVE there.

Bcoz FRIEND will leave and ignore us
if we dont know how to appreciate them..

so...find a gorgeous number of friends,
but remember to have some
GOOD FRIENDS as well!!!

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