Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Posted by cutiefasha at 8:26 AM
okayh...i've been away for about three days
first day at KL, we straight away went to Taylor's college, subang jaya
my first impression...WOW~
soooo big !!

see this...

then, we had some shopping at alamanda..

but...suddenly aunty nor called mama n said dat she n family was already in KL...
staying at Bintang Warisan, BB Road..

the next day,
we (my family wif aunty nor's family) stayed at KL Plaza for one night
hahaha....manyak syok!

and lastly on monday, we had a short visit to KLCC via pavillion and BB Walk..
of coz..where else to go??AQUARIA jer laa~

best~best~and best~




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