Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quick updates

Posted by cutiefasha at 10:06 PM
1. Winter break was fun. Didn't get any chances to write about it, but I will, someday. London was great, despite the incident. Egypt, as a whole was an eye opener, words cannot describe the experience. Istanbul was a-muh-zingggg. Endless fun, superb view, delish foods, any what more can you ask when you were surrounded by such great atmosphere.

2. School: Still taking 6 courses. Throughout the whole four months, I'll have to write about 12 essays, not including drafts. So yeah that's how my courses were. Alhamdulillah for no-late-night-classes this semester. GPA's was blergh. Will strive harder for improvement.

3. Reading break: Nak jugak plan holiday, walaupunnnnn.....duit melayang-layang bak angin wuwuwu

4. Home: Yeay! Sudah melihat-lihat tickets untuk Summer Holiday. Menarik jugak harga yang ditawarkan tahun ni. Tengoklah macam mana. Tak nak balik sorang-sorang dah kalau boleh.

Can't wait :)

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