Sunday, December 11, 2011

Y U NO Study?

Posted by cutiefasha at 5:56 PM
Today was a very nice day. But I had wasted almost half a day by trying to make myself awake and focus on studying for finals. Its too damn hard. So, I decided to find somewhere else to study, because apparently, my room was too comfy. The bed kept calling me and I fell for the "trap" quite easily. Solution, TIM'S HORTON. Not that I do not want to go to library, but for such a windy/cold weather, SF or other library seems too far away :/

Something happened in the lift though, when I was on my way down to Ground floor. It stopped at 7th floor, and suddenly two dogs with their owner almost come to me and they was barking LOUDLY. I was screaming *malu!* but I just said sorry to the owner. It's not that I don't like dogs, I'm scared actually. Even cats, oh so not my type. I'm not Animal Hugger, enuff said. After all, jantung gila berdebar tadi! I think I might have temporary phobia whenever a lift opens at any floor whenever I'm coming down :(

And, the great part was, I finished my target chapters for today (2 hours at Timmy). I'm proud of myself!

me - trying to focus heehee

if you bring your own mug, medium double-double only costs you 1.29$. GREAT HUH!

I studied WITCHCRAFT! Believe it or not :-P




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