Saturday, December 17, 2011

How the word "blog" formed?

Posted by cutiefasha at 6:46 PM
I am studying for my Linguistic midterms, and then I came across an interesting process called 'clipping'. It is a process that shortens a polysyllabic word by deleting one or more syllables. Complicated huh? Okay, here are some examples: prof for professor, burger for hamburger, psych for psychology and many more.

So, recent clip that people's recognized and use widely is 'blog', from Web log - a personal website-based log of events, comments, and links. Once formed, blog quickly appeared in compounds (blog archive, blog-sphere) and also undergone conversion to a verb (as in 'things to blog about').

Also, the verb has undergone derivation, resulting in the noun blogger. No wonder that blog was voted as the new word most likely to succeed at the meeting of the American Dialect Society.

p/s: maybe blog in still not recognized as a word by itself cause the wavy-red underline still appears underneath blog. let's wait two, three years and then it should be acknowledged!




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