Friday, November 14, 2014

Entering a New Phase - Working!

Posted by cutiefasha at 5:34 PM
It's been long. Too long till I can't even remembered when was the last time I even open this blog. Nevermind, I'm here to rant about my new experience!

I've been hired woohoo...
Alhamdulillah secured a place at the Gender Studies department, USM Penang. I am working as RA and in the process of applying for Master's degree as well. Doakan aminnnn.

So first week of working. Here it goes.

Prof messaged me to come to office around 2.30pm. What a great day to start a work, ey? Masuk opis petang dahhh yeay! But it was just an informal meeting to discuss on my Master's proposal and brief introduction to the staff over there. I was shown the place where I'll be working. The room specified for RA *like me* is fully occupied, so my workspace will be at the same room with other Admin's staff. Kat sebelah pantri lagi tuuuu yesh yesh. I was told that the office hours is from 8.10 to 5.10. Lunch hour from 1 to 2. So far so good.

I walked from my rented apartment at about 7.30 - 7.40ish. Arrived around 8.00am. And I'm the second or third person there. Mana semua orang?!? Nevertheless, I continued working for some of the corrections needed for my proposal. Bila dah nak dekat time lunch tu, kerja pun dah nak siap actually. OMG I'm so bored I literally read journal article. Like, the boring stuff you never wanted to read even it's for class reading. Adoi, not a very good start for me I think. Sibuk buat-buat ada kerja is much more pain than actually busy doing work. 

I was called in for a meeting with my Prof, and two of the other RA. I was given a task to come up with a ppt presentation to be used in a conference next week. My prof will be presenting at the conference, and I got to go iA :) So, I got tonnes of work/read to do to prepare for literature review and some of the general information required for the presentation. And guess what, the prof wanted it to be done by 4pm tomorrow (Thurday!). Tapi bagus sebab finally ada kerja yang *betul-betul* kerja and so I sat on my chair and focused on getting my part done.

I finished the slides, and get the information as asked. But my groupmates for the task were having troubles/swamp with other works maybe. So I helped them and together we did what we have to do. Baru lah first time bersembang sikit sikit dengan dorang. Kalau tak memang tak dengar suara pun kat ofis, diam seribu bahasa sebab sangat sangatlah segan -.- And then there was the meeting. I listened carefully to the prof's instruction and overall I think she is satisfied with the presentation. Just there was still some infos needed to be updated and small corrections here and there. A big relieved for me! Everything went well. *full details on Instagram hiks*

TGIF! Nothing more can I said. Waking up at 6am every-freaking-day and walked to campus every morning is so, so, soooooo tiring. Mentally and physically. Bukannya tak biasa jalan masa belajar dulu, tapi ni kena naik bukit 3 kali kot! Bukit yang sangat curam, yang rasa duk jalan menonggek dah. Whatever it is, I have to stay positive. And twas another great day as well just because I started have the confidence to talk to office-mate, sembang-sembang and feel good about working here while living on my own *read:alone* in Penang. 

That's about it. Seronok juga duduk ofis Malaysia ni. Selalu sangat ada "event" makan. Rabu ada makcik belanja Nasi Lemak, Khamis ada majlis perpisahan, Jumaat brunch Nasi Kandaq. 

Kenyang perut suka hati aaaaaaaaa




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