Saturday, April 14, 2012

A lot has happened

Posted by cutiefasha at 12:15 AM
So hello. These past weeks I have been busy with exams and stuffs, hence no proper blog updates. Anyhow, today I just got back from MASAT Annual General Meeting for new board members election. I was nominated for two positions, Cultural Affairs Officer, as well as third year representative. Surprisingly, we have to give a speech before the voting takes place. I have not talk in front of people for a very, very, veryyyy long time, since I don't have any presentation or such since my first year in university. Berdebar debar degup jantung kot. Kena bagi speech twice. TWICE! Sampaikan pizza yang go around the hall pun nak telan rasa kunyah batu. Sakit perut and stuffs. Memang nebes ai.

Apa-apapun after two *terrible* speeches, Alhamdulillah I got to represent 3rd year MASAT members and I promised I will be actively involved! Jyeah!!


Also, tengahari tadi we had a very nice lunch, sponsored by Maryam *ehem* thanks!!. We had Thai food at Salad King and the place was super crowded. I was worried we will be getting no seat. However, the services quite fast and hance the food taste soo good! Buuuut a bit spicy la for me.

Seafood Combination with 3 chillis *pedasss* 


Tiket balik Malaysia sudah dibeli horay horay!

(9 July departure) Toronto by Air Canada - Japan by Malaysian Airlines - Malaysia (11 July arrival)

(6 Sept departure) Malaysia by Korean Airlines - Korea by Air Canada - Vancouver - Toronto (7 Sept arrival)


Seriously ter-addicted dengan game ni! Marilah kita main bersama-sama rakan-rakan!!




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