Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

Posted by cutiefasha at 3:30 AM

To continue my degree until graduation, insya Allah on 2014. Then, apply for teaching job at any university/local colleges and probably further my MBA under the university's scholarship. If god will, I would like to have PhD before I turns 35.

To have a nice, and luxurious house(s) for me and my family. To live in a steady, and comfortable for both financially and spirituality. To be with my family and friend until the last breath.

Timeline wise:

In 3 years > Completed my undergraduate studies
In 5 years > To have written my first motivational book
In 10 years > To have beautiful kids with loving and caring husband
In 20 years > To accomplished well in career and do not forget to give to others
In 50 years > To have seen what the future looks like


AnaWahab said...

I like part yang 10 yrs lagi,.ahaha kad undangan jangan lupa tau..!!

cutiefasha said...

Ooops lambat lagi ok, ten years from now hik hik



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